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3/4 Day Inshore (6hrs)

Leave dock at 5:00AM back at 11:00AM - Minimum 4hrs fishing

Usually fish for Striped Bass and Bluefish from the South Shore to 3 miles south of Block Island, but can also fish for any inshore species including Fluke, Sea Bass, Tautaug, and Scup..

Full Day Inshore (8hrs)

Leave dock at 5:00AM back at 1:00PM - Minimum 6hrs fishing

This trip can target any inshore species; Fluke, Sea Bass, Tautaug, Striped Bass and Bluefish from the South Shore to 3 miles south Block Island.  Typically we fish Block Island for Striped Bass and Blues for about 4hrs then target Fluke, Sea Bass, Scup, and Eautaug for the rest of the time. Charter can fish for bass and blues the total time if they wish.

Cox's Ledge (9hrs)

Leave dock at 6:00AM back at 3:30PM - Minimum 6hrs fishing

Fish either east or west end of Cox's Ledge using bait or jigs for Cod, Pollock and Ocean Pout. Best time is April, May and August due to the Dogfish nuisance.

Shark Fishing (10hrs)

Leave dock at 5:00AM back at 3:00PM - Minimum 6 hrs fishing for shark

Start by trolling for Bluefish, which will be bait, then continue about 20 to 30 miles offshore to set-up a chum slick. Most common sharks caught are Blue, Mako and Thresher.

  • Wear warm clothing ( you can shed layers if it's warm) , always bring a jacket and foul weather gear if rain is forecast

  • Wear sneakers or boots with non-marking soles

  • Sun screen lotion, lip balm and sun glasses

  • Hats with a brim

  • Plenty of food ( sandwiches, snacks and fruit) in a cooler

  • Drinks ( water, soda, juices, beer/wine in moderation, hard liquor not allowed on board)

  • Cooler for your fish ( can be left at the dock)

  • Camera / Phone

  • If you are subject to motion sickness take precautions, there are several remedies available and stay away from greasy breakfasts in the morning

What to Bring

Off Shore Tuna Trip (10hrs)

Leave dock at 5:00AM (or earlier if an early bite) return around 5:00PM - Minimum 6hrs fishing

This is a real offshore trip. Expect to be from 50 to 70 miles offshore as this is where the Tuna live, usually trolling 9 rods for Yellow Fin, Albacore, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and Marlin.

Fall Tautaug (8hrs)

Leave dock at 5:30AM back at 1:30PM - Minimum 6hrs fishing

Fish for Tautog on the various rock piles from Point Judith to Newport including Block Island. This trip also produces Sea Bass and Scup ( if season remains open ) and an occasional Cod Fish. This is a popular trip before we put the rods away for the Winter.

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